History of IoT Projects at UFSC

Intelligent Seismic Data Compressor for OBNs (OBNZip) (2022-)

Intelligent Acquisition and Analysis System for ECUs (IASE) (2021-)

Anomaly Detection in Energy Generators (ADEG) (2020-)

Smart Electric Bus (2016) Electric Bus in 2016

Hydrological Monitoring (2015) Hydrological Monitoring with EPOSMote III in 2015

Solar Smart Building (2013) Smart Solart Building at Sapines Parque in 2016

Solar Boat (2012) EPOSMote II with Vento Sul Solar Boat in 2012

CIA¬≤: Building Smart Cities (2011)

Gambicopter (2010)

Precision Agriculture (2008) EPOSMote I and TSG on a Livestock application in 2008

CELESC's Underground Grid Monitoring (2007) Monitoring of CELESC's Underground Grid in Downtown Florian√≥polis in 2007

GPRS Telemetry (2005) GPRS Remote Serial Terminal ready for a Gas distribution application in 2006

Bluetooth M2M (2003)

Light TCP/IP Stack (2003)

Bus tracking in Berlin, a derivative case of ITEA DESS (2001)